Taco Bell never stays quiet. It's always making headlines, whether through marketing or new food items. The latest buzz proves that.

At the Live Mas event in Las Vegas, reported by NRN's Alicia Kelso, Taco Bell showed a tech-savvy side. The event felt like an Apple product launch.

The highlight? A dozen new menu items and tasty updates to classics. Some items are exclusive to Taco Bell Cantina locations. Liz Matthews emphasized, "Right now, our focus is on Cantina, Cantina, Cantina."

The Irvine-based chain is collaborating with chefs Jennifer Hwa Dobbertin, Reuben Asaram, and Lawrence Smith. They're reimagining the Crunchwrap Supreme for select locations.

Taco Bell is also letting fans decide on a menu comeback. Through its app, customers can vote for the return of either the Mexi Melt or the Caramel Apple Empanada.

Taco Bell has once again captured the attention of fast-food enthusiasts with the recent return of its beloved Nacho Fries. This crave-worthy item combines perfectly seasoned fries with a side of warm, cheesy nacho dip, creating a sensational blend of flavors and textures.

The reintroduction of Nacho Fries to the menu has been met with enthusiasm from fans, reinforcing Taco Bell's knack for blending classic comfort foods with its unique twist. The limited-time availability has only added to the fervor, making Nacho Fries a sought-after snack or meal addition.

Furthermore, the re-release of the Taco Bell Pizza marks a nostalgic comeback that many customers have eagerly awaited. This fan-favorite features a crispy pizza shell topped with signature Taco Bell ingredients, marrying the concept of traditional pizza with the distinct flavors of Taco Bell.

The comeback of this item not only caters to long-time fans pining for its return but also introduces new customers to the innovative culinary crossover.

Taco Bell's strategy of reviving beloved menu items demonstrates a keen awareness of consumer desires, ensuring the brand remains a staple in the fast-food landscape.

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