Taco Bell is gearing up to release a highly anticipated menu item that fans have been eager to try since its test debut in 2022. Soon, the Cheez-It® Crunchwrap will be available at participating locations, accompanied by other giant Cheez-It options.

This unique Crunchwrap incorporates a Cheez-It® cracker sixteen times larger than usual. It's packed with seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and traditional Crunchwrap fillings, all encased in a folded tortilla. This was revealed during the Live Más Live Event in Vegas earlier this year.

Additional uses for the gigantic Cheez-It cracker include serving as the base for Taco Bell's tostadas. Foodie influencer Snackolator shared insights on this versatile component. Customers can also opt for the giant Cheez-It alone, with no extra toppings, as one Reddit user demonstrated.

Excitement among Taco Bell's fans is palpable, with many eager to sample the new offerings, even those who experienced them during initial testing.

"Crunchwrap was good. Been waiting for this," noted an Instagram user.

"????????Had both when they tested them. ????I enjoyed the Tostada ????," another shared.

"I am excited about this!!!!" chimed in a third Instagram user.

While no official release date has been confirmed, rumors suggest the Cheez-It collaborations could be launched by summer.

"Starts June 6th!!" hinted another Instagram user privy to the launch details.

At a recent press event, Taco Bell also announced it would introduce seven new menu items this year, including Crispy Chicken Nuggets and a new twist on its beloved Nacho Fries. Additionally, the brand is testing Churro Chillers at select locations.

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