Republican Congresswoman Gets Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado has secured a temporary restraining order against Jayson Boebert, her ex-husband. The move was reported by multiple news outlets after legal documents were filed.

Jayson is accused of making threats to Lauren and himself over the past 14 months. The Denver Post cited legal filings where Lauren claims Jayson threatened her and unlawfully entered her home.

Lauren sought a protective order for her and her four children, citing stalking and the threat of physical harm. A judge granted a temporary order after Jayson allegedly entered her home, took personal items, and admitted to destroying them.

A court hearing for Jayson regarding the protective order is set for Thursday. He defends himself, claiming he entered the home to clean before a family visit and denies any intent to harm Lauren.

Jayson suggests the protective order might be used by Lauren for political maneuvers. He also mentioned a past incident where he was portrayed as the victim and stated his desire for peace.

The legal dispute includes allegations of harassment, illegal weapon use, and third-degree assault by Jayson. The situation escalated with a January 9 incident involving Jayson, their 18-year-old son, and a police call.

Jayson, however, refrained from commenting directly on the January 9 allegations to the press.

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