Democratic Congressman and 2020 presidential candidate Eric Swalwell is rolling out his gun control plan, and it's just as ridiculous as you can imagine.

The hopeful candidate spoke about his plan, according to The Washington Examiner, and outlined that he will ban bump stocks (which have already been banned...), ban online ammo sales, ban purchasing more than one handgun per month, and ban "high capacity" magazines.

I don't think he will make it far with that nonsense.

The Examiner reports: 

Unveiled today, Swalwell's plan also includes:

  • A 48-hour cooling-off period between the time a person purchases a firearm and the time they take possession of it.

  • Implement background checks for all firearm and ammunition purchases.

  • Require that liability insurance be purchased before a person can buy, trade, or otherwise receive a firearm.

  • Create a national firearm registry that is linked to individual firearms, and require that all purchases, transfers, and donations of firearms be mandatorily registered.

  • Prohibit individuals from purchasing more than one handgun per 30-day period.

  • Prohibit the online sale of ammunition.

  • Ban and buy back bump stocks, large-capacity magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and silencers.

  • Prohibit individuals from hoarding ammunition in quantities exceeding 200 rounds per caliber or gauge.

  • Repealing the Protection for Lawful Commerce in Guns Act.

  • Prohibit states from arming teachers.

"We're not just here to stand up to the NRA ... we're here to beat the NRA," Swalwell added, "Iowans care about ending gun violence. Americans care about ending gun violence. I am the only candidate calling for a #BanAndBuyback of military-style assault weapons; I will be your champion for this issue."

If anything, I think he is ensuring another term for President Donald Trump, and I definitely won't argue that!

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