On Sunday Mexican protesters confronted illegal aliens in Tijuana. The protesters were waving Mexican flags while they confronted them. The left likes to make President Trump out to be the only person who is against people entering his country illegally. Well, that is not the case, as proven by this video.

During the protest you can hear one of the protesters screaming at the migrant caravan.

"Donald Trump was right! This is an invasion!"

It turns out the United States isn't the only country that doesn't want anyone who chooses to stampede through their country.

Also, it turns out President Trump isn't the only world leader who wants to protect the borders and keep his country safe.

Mexican Protesters Scream at Illegal Immigrants

Well, it turns out Mexico doesn't like being invaded either. Who would have thought?

Per NBC News:

Tensions rose Sunday as hundreds of residents protested the arrival of thousands of Central American migrants who are expected to linger in this border city for months as they try to claim asylum in the United States.

A group opposed to the “chaos” of the so-called migrant caravans protested outside the largest makeshift shelter as Mexican police in riot gear formed a perimeter. The demonstrators sang the Mexican national anthem and waved flags as they urged the migrants to go home.

The protesters said they had no problem with legal immigration, but they were strongly opposed to what they called an "illegal invasion."

They don't mind immigration, they just want it done the right way. Who does that sound like? President Trump!


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