Meghan McCain of "The View" has made her view on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) very clear.

McCain fired off a blistering shot at the freshman Democratic congresswoman on Friday morning in response to Rep. Omar criticizing her and her late father, Senator John McCain.

This feud began when McCain had an emotional moment while speaking on her ABC talk show on Thursday. This was a response to Omar's recent criticisms of Israel and its supporters. McCain stated that what Omar said was very hurtful to her Jewish friends.

“It is very dangerous, very dangerous," McCain said on "The View" Thursday.  "And I think we collectively as Americans on both sides, what Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me.”

Instead of addressing the issue directly, Omar retweeted a post that criticized Meghan McCain for her "fax outrage" and also blasted her late father who died in August at age 81.

On Friday morning Meghan McCained fired back with a tweet of her own:

More on the story from Fox News:

Omar’s tweet on Thursday was praised by many of her followers as a sign that the freshman congresswoman was "standing up to the establishment." But the retweet also attracted more negative attention to the new lawmaker, just hours after the U.S. House voted in favor of an anti-hate resolution that was initially inspired by the Minnesota Democrat.

Omar has resisted calls for her to apologize for blasting those who pledge “allegiance to a foreign country,” referring to Israel, in what has been decried as an anti-Semitic trope.

The Twitter battle played out as the House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan resolution that only indirectly condemned Omar's repeated "anti-Semitic" and "pernicious" comments — without mentioning her by name.

The final vote was 407 to 23, with 23 Republicans voting no, and all Democrats, including Omar, voting yes. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who faced his own bipartisan blowback for comments purportedly defending white nationalists, voted present.

On Thursday the final draft of the resolution was expanded to make sure it covers virtually all forms of bigotry, including white supremacy. Republicans characterized this as a distraction move to take the focus away from Omar's remarks.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) made it clear he will be voting against the resolution. He said, "Now [the resolution] condemns just about everything. ... Hatred for Israel is a special kind of hatred. It should never be watered down."

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