McDonald's 470-Calorie Meal Hack Goes Viral

McDonald's isn't the first place you'd think of for a healthy, low-calorie meal. But TikToker SmallerSam_PCOS has a genius 470-calorie meal hack to change that.

With 1.1 million TikTok followers, Sam clearly knows her stuff about slimmed-down fast food. Her results speak volumes: Sam lost 200 pounds through a calorie deficit and exercise, plus more with semaglutide for her PCOS.

So, what's her effective McDonald's meal hack? It's a McDouble with no bun, no ketchup, no mustard, extra shredded lettuce, and extra pickles. She adds half a tangy barbecue sauce (45 calories) between the patties. The original McDouble is 400 calories, but removing the bun cuts off 175 calories. That's not all: Sam also orders small fries and a Diet Coke, bringing the meal to 470 calories.

@smallersam_pcos McDonald’s Order eating in a calorie deficit ???????? I can’t go to McDonald’s without getting some fries! Here’s how I moved calories around to build a meal that was still satisfying, but fit my caloric goal: -McDouble with no bun, no ketchup or mustard, extra lettuce, and extra pickles (225 cals) -Small Fry (230 cals) -1/2 barbecue sauce (25 cals) -Each packet of ketchup is 10 cals #mcdonalds #menu #hack #lowcalorie #double #cheeseburger #barbecue #sauce #drivethru #togo #fries #dietcoke #weightloss #mealidea #onthego #pcosweightloss #transformation #caloriecounting ♬ original sound - SmallerSam_PCOS

For those tracking protein, this meal has 25 grams. Commenters love this hack. One wrote, “Just ordered this and didn’t even miss the bun! These hacks are heaven-sent for us girlies! Thank you!”

“That looks bomb,” another commented. Someone else added, “I feel so seen!!! I’m not on keto but I try to stay low carb and my version of that is no bun, but add fries ✨ love this!!!”

We're eager to try this ASAP. Meanwhile, is anyone else curious how Sam avoids making a mess in her car with these hacks?

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