The feds have leaked new information with regards to Weinergate. Michelle Obama is deleting retweets. It's a mess. Did Huma Abedin destroy Hillary Clinton? Check out the video for more details.

That's right, this Blackberry contains emails that could get Hillary indicted. Remember when she smashed all of the Blackberry smartphones with a hammer? Well, it seems that she forgot to smash one of them and it is going to cost her. Who really thought that smashing cell phones with a hammer was a normal practice? That alone should have knocked her out of the election. How is it possible that people of the left are accepting of this practice? Have you ever smashed your phone with a hammer when you were done with it? Neither have I. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign portrays it as a normal practice.

There is now proof that she knows all of her actions were illegal. Proof that she was covering up all of her steps. Well she forgot one thing. She forgot to cover up Weiner. Normally there should be guilt felt when using so many bad puns, but for Anthony Weiner, go ahead and let them fly.

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Did Huma Abedin Destroy Hillary Clinton?

Did Huma Abedin Destroy Hillary Clinton?


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