It's halfway to Halloween, and some stores are already rolling out their decorations.

Home Depot has brought back the famous 12-foot skeleton and other items for the spooky season. However, stocks are limited, and many products have sold out quickly.

"We are happy to see the customers' reactions and enthusiasm for the Halfway to Halloween and #CodeOrange event…we are excited to lean into it and enjoy the fandom alongside them," said Tyler Pelfrey, Home Depot’s brand communications manager.

"Our Halfway to Halloween sale targets the true Halloween aficionados. For these fans, enhancing their Halloween collection is an ongoing passion, not just a seasonal activity," Pelfrey explained.

Home Depot promoted the "#CodeOrange" alert via social media. The announcement, made six months before Halloween, sparked a variety of reactions from followers.

"It isn't even summer yet! Slow your roll!" a social media user protested.

"If we can have Christmas in July, a little Springoween won't hurt," another countered.

The towering skeleton, nicknamed Skelly, has been a sensation since its debut.

"Finally I can purchase Skelly, waited 3 years for this," one eager buyer posted.

"refresh page every minute after the clock strikes midnight. If I don’t snag a Skelly this year I will lose it," another shared their strategy.

Pelfrey acknowledged the immense popularity of Skelly, Skelly's dog, the Deadwood Inferno Skeleton, and Frankenstein’s Monster as seasonal highlights.

"Since his debut in 2020, Skelly and his friends have been growing in popularity, and we wanted to give our customers multiple opportunities to get their hands on these innovative items," he added.

With the skeleton's popularity surging, Home Depot has expanded its range of giant holiday decorations, including a 5-foot-tall, 7-foot-long skeleton dog.

home depot skelly the skeleton

Once the "Halfway to Halloween" event went live, customers scrambled to secure the coveted decorations, according to Instagram comments.

"I did it! I got the skeleton. I was half asleep when doing it since I was waking up every hour since 2am but I finally got the damn skeleton for my brother. Praise up! Lol," a victorious customer celebrated on Instagram.

"Been up all night refreshing my phone for Frank! Got him," another successful buyer boasted about acquiring the 7-foot Frankenstein's Monster.

Despite the frenzy, some customers missed out on the viral decorations, prompting calls for more stock.

"The dog sold out in 2 mins!!! I’m bummed I was filling out my address and then all the sudden couldn’t complete bc it was gone," one frustrated user recounted.

"Dear @homedepot however many Skelly Dog’s you are planning on having for Halloween- triple it. Trust me," another urged.

Meanwhile, other retailers like Target and Lowe's also have Halloween decorations for sale online. Specialty stores like Spirit Halloween, Amazon, and offer similar items year-round.

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