Yesterday FBI Director James Comey suggested that Hillary not be charged does not guarantee that she will not be charged. She certainly exhibited "extreme carelessness" with classified information. But let's be real here, Hillary isn't going to be charged.

Though the FBI appears primted to let her off the book, the American people don't necessarily feel the same. This investigation has triggered a big drop in her poll numbers.

USA Today poll results show that her lead is dropping in a big way. The lead now is 45.6 to 40.4. Just two months ago the lead was 50 to 39. Trump has made up some ground and cut the margin in half.

Many thought when Gary Johnson from the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein from the Green Party were added to the polls it would hurt Trump. It has actually been the opposite. It has actually been the opposite.

While Hillary appears to be off the hook with the FBI, she still has no guarantee to get to the White House. She may have won the battle, but it's still very possible she will lose the war.

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