The Clintons have established themselves as not being afraid to take money from anyone. Well this proves it. Hillary's #1 donors admits to funding Al Qaeda.

Hillary's #1 Donor Admits to Funding Al Qaeda

Well the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia has came out and dropped a bombshell on the Clinton campaign. They admitted to contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorist organizations. On top of that, they have admitted to lying about it to the United States.

What was the reason for lying? Obviously, so they could keep selling oil to the United States.

The true reason this group admitted their lies is they are not happy that Trump could be president. They know he could not be bought like Crooked Hillary.

Here is a video of Hilary Clinton with her terrorist funding buddies.

Hillary's #1 Donor Admits to Funding Al Qaeda

We need to get this news out before more Americans are duped into trusting this group. Donald Trump will not be bought by the Saudis.

On top of the Hillary Clinton lies she is also blatantly supporting terrorist. Please share on Facebook and expose her.

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