In today's world, a person is seen as a social leper for defending the rights of human babies inside the womb. There is a double whammy if that pro-life person also happens to be a Christian.

Since when did being a Christian and defending the right to life make us dangerous, horrible people? The left has become so twisted and perverted that to hate people in that category is seen as the new normal.

Many states have begun to pass bills to protect unborn babies from abortion once a heartbeat is detected. However, liberals are fighting tooth and nail to get those new laws overturned. They are literally marching and fighting for their "right" to murder their children.

Now, Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet is calling for pro-life Christians to be treated like Nazis, according to a piece by  The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson, on The Daily Signal.

This battle call alone shows his hypocrisy considering we want to save the babies from the slaughter, the holocaust, they are facing. How would treating us like the murderers make a lick of sense?

Anderson wrote:

Now that President Barack Obama has reshaped the federal judiciary, liberal causes can win easily in court. And now that Justice Antonin Scalia has died, “judges no longer have to be worried about reversal by the Supreme Court if they take aggressively liberal positions.”

Tushnet blames what he calls the “culture wars” on conservatives, and he says liberals should now make conservatives pay. “The culture wars are over; they lost, we won,” he writes in italics. Tushnet claims that conservatives “had opportunities to reach a cease fire, but rejected them in favor of a scorched earth policy.”

Since when have liberals been defensive? The scorched earth policy has been theirs. They’ve been the aggressors—they’ve been offensive. Conservatives have been defensive.

It seems hard to envision how conservatives could have declared a unilateral cease fire when they weren’t the ones firing in the first place. Liberals aggressively sought in the courts an unlimited abortion license, a redefinition of marriage, and now for transgender bathroom policies throughout the nation. Liberals haven’t been bashful to use the courts to reshape social policy when they couldn’t win at the polls.

… Tushnet makes it clear that he and his colleagues among the liberal elite want the government to treat conservative Christians worse than racists—like Nazis.

“It’s what Americans did after Roe v. Wade. Congress and the states passed a variety of laws that protect pro-life conscience,” Anderson added, “In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court invented a right to an abortion. But after Roe, legislatures made clear that government cannot require a pro-life doctor or nurse to perform an abortion—that they, too, had rights.”

We cannot allow the pro-choice crowd, aka the pro-murder crowd, to run our country and take control of our children's future. This fight is on our doorstep and it will NOT be won unless we, the pro-life generation, steps up out of the shadows.

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