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On Thursday Director Comey gave his testimonial to the House Oversight Committee with regards to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Though much of the hearing was getting to hear the remarks that Comey made already on Tuesday, there was one other very revealing moment.

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows asked Comey a question that had somehow not been asked. He asked if Comey looked to see if Clinton had lied to the FBI during the July 4 weekend interview the same way she had when she lied to the American people and to Congress.

“I haven’t gone through that to parse that,” Comey replied.

Meadows was referring to the lies that Hillary turned over all of her emails related to work, her lawyers have went through each document before it was turned over and also she had never trafficked in classified information through her server. All lies.

The next step is that Hillary will be turned over to the FBI for a felony perjury investigation. The Benghazi testimony, now known to be 100% false is when the perjury occurred.

Hillary Clinton did escape justice when it comes to her private email server, but the perjury investigation should be an entirely different story.

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