Country Star's Estranged Wife Calls Him 'an evil man' as Divorce Turns Nasty

Things are getting uglier as Billy Ray Cyrus and his estranged wife, Firerose, exchange barbs on their way to divorce.

They've accused each other of abuse. Firerose called Cyrus “an evil man” in a recent interview. She claimed that Cyrus had “strict rules” during their seven-month marriage.

“I didn’t have a car,” she told Page Six. “I was only allowed to go to the local chiropractor and once a month to get my nails done. It was systematic isolation.”

She also said she needed permission from Cyrus to send text messages and emails. Last week, Cyrus responded to Firerose's accusations by claiming she was abusive to him.

He denied her claims of “extreme abuse” but admitted he was “vocal, frustrated and angry.” In court filings, he said, “it is the Plaintiff who has been abused.”

Cyrus claimed Firerose verbally, emotionally, and physically abused him.

He countered her abuse claims by questioning why she would leave him a handwritten note and text apologizing and asking for a chance to make things right.

Firerose has denied his claims.

“The only individuals backing his false claims are those on his payroll,” her rep told InTouch.

It's another ugly chapter in their split.

Firerose claims Cyrus filed for divorce a day before her preventative double mastectomy. She made the filing in Tennessee on June 14, according to People Magazine.

Firerose discovered she had the BRCA1 gene mutation, increasing her breast cancer risk. In March, doctors recommended she have the procedure.

She said chaos ensued at home as her surgery date approached. Cyrus “continually launched verbal attacks” against her. People reached out to Cyrus’ reps, but they had no comment.

“When Wife would voice concerns, Husband would call her a ‘selfish (expletive)’ and alleged she was using him,” the filing said per People. “With her surgery looming, she was afraid to leave or seek help, fearing Husband would interfere with her surgery or recovery.”

She accused Cyrus of “extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse,” and claimed he had “substance abuse issues,” making him “unpredictable and volatile.”

Cyrus filed for divorce on May 23. Firerose was scheduled for surgery on May 24.

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