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Hungary Submits ‘Stop Soros’ Bill To Parliament

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Oh snap! Did liberal feminazi Cher just cross over to the red side? Cher tweeted out in desperation about the mass of immigrants being sent to sanctuary city Los Angeles. While she has always been an advocate for illegal immigrants, she now sees that it is actually an epidemic. Cher tweeted, “I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but …


A South Carolina woman was recently fired from her job for threatening to punch breastfeeding women and their babies. Former Petsense manager Carly Clark angered the internet when she posted a rant on Facebook about women breastfeeding in public. She wrote: “I’m not sorry – The next female that tries to whip her boob out …


Oh for the love of social justice… I knew California was liberal but this is just ridiculous! California residents are complaining about the American flag being painted on police cars. They are claiming that it is too “aggressive” and that the graphic will “hurt people’s feelings.” Here’s an idea, don’t commit crimes and your feelings …

ICE Reports That Over 10,000 Illegal Immigrants

According to documents obtained by an immigration reform group, ICE reports that over 10,000 illegal immigrants are roaming the United States free. Not only are these illegal immigrants, but they are from nations that are designated as terror sponsors. On Friday the Immigration Reform Law Institute that they were provided documents under the Freedom of …


Oprah Winfrey is famous for starting from scratch and actually making a name for herself. She is a prime example of the American dream, and even though I do not agree with her morals or politics, I can respect her for that much. However, it seems that in her pursuit of happiness, she has forgotten …


Where is the humanity? Have people honestly become so desensitized to believe that a breathing human being with a beating heart is not actually alive? Not actually a person? According to Life News, Boston College’s Pro-Life Club recently hosted an event to promote the pro-life message. However, things turned somewhat dumbfounding when a student from …

Fordham Student Died for likes, Sydney Monfries

Sydney Monfries, a 22-year-old Fordham Student, died died trying to get a photograph for social media by falling to her death inside a clock tower. The fall happened at the Bell Tower on the Fordham campus. She was with a group of friends in the early hours of the morning. Monfries and her friends had …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Opposes Joe Biden

Many people in the Democratic Party are backing a Joe Biden president run, but one prominent Democrat isn’t. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opposes Joe Biden

'Build the Wall' Campaign

Americans are joining together and making their voices heard to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The “Build the Wall” campaign has sent 22,000 bricks

Babylon Bee Claims AOC Appears on Price is Right and Guesses Everything is Free, Ted Cruz's Response is Even Better

The Babylon Bee does a great job of poking the left. If you are not familiar, it is a satire site that makes satirical stories that are only funny because they could possibly be true. When you read one of their headlines, there’s a good chance you have a couple seconds of contemplating whether or …


Some people should stick to their day job…and by some people I mean actors, actresses, and celebrities in general. They make their millions from our pockets. We pay to see their shows, movies, and to hear their music. Figuratively speaking, they work for us. Ellen Degeneres is good at making people feel good and laugh. …


Womp, womp, womp….Oh dear Karma dishes out the sweetest revenge, if you believe in her. Personally I believe that you get what you give..and Jussie Smollett is getting a royal taste of his own medicine. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Smollett reported to authorities that he was attacked by two white men …

Democrat Rashida Tlaib Defends Ilhan Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) referred to the 9/11 terror attacks as “some people did something.” Now Democrat Rashida Tlaib defends the ridiculous statement


Usually when you hear a story about a Florida man, you grab your popcorn because it’s likely going to be an outrageous story. However, for this Jacksonville man, it is only a horror story. Aaron Haim decided to renovate his childhood home in 2014, when he made a grisly discovery. The man found the remains …


Julian Assange, the publisher of WikiLeaks, has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in Britain. However, British police were invited in to arrest Assange on behalf of the United States. URGENT: Ecuador has illigally terminated Assange political asylum in violation of international law. He was arrested by the British police inside the Ecuadorian embassy …

Amazon is Listening

The debate is over, Amazon IS listening. Amazon workers are listening to private and sometimes disturbing voice recordings to help improve the Amazon Echo’s understanding of human speech. The company admits that their staff has been analyzing thousands of recordings and transcribing them before feeding them back into the software. There have been as many …


Illinois is making headlines for a disgusting billboard, proudly displayed at their state border near Missouri. Paid for by the Hope Clinic for Women, the sign reads: “Welcome to Illinois, where you can get a safe, legal abortion.” It should read, “Welcome to Illinois. Where you can proudly murder your unborn child.” Hope Clinic media relations …

'Free Speech Activist', Candace Owens

It already happened once with Rep. Ted Lieu and now a self-described “free speech activist” Nathan Bernard has taken a shot at it.