Bill Clinton was campaigning on campaigning in Canton , Ohio. While doing so, he faced more backlash from the "Bill Clinton is a rapist" contingency.

The woman wasn't just holding up the sign, she was also shouting out things. "Bill Clinton has harmed women and he has raped women," she yelled while holding the sign.

For a few minutes, Clinton seemed very nervous. He began stumbling over his words. He tried to stay on track, but was really struggling. Finally, the noise became too loud for him to speak over and he had to get involved. He said, “I love it when people come into my rallies, and it’s a dead giveaway when they don’t want to have a conversation because they know they’ll lose the conversation.” Check out the video.

Nothing kills the mood of a rally like someone holding up a sign accusing the person with the microphone of rape. It's a very unique situation, isn't it? Has there ever been a public figure that regulary has people barge into the public eye vehemently accusing him or rape? If there was it is very difficult to recall. Just days ago someone stormed the Fox News Set with a Bill Clinton rape shirt.

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Bill Clinton is a Rapist

bill clinton is a rapist canton ohio


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