Ben Shapiro Mocks Catholics and President Trump After Notre Dame Cathedral Fire in Paris

On Monday a devastating fire tore through Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Before the flames were even out, Ben Shapiro mocks Catholics and President Trump was an extremely insensitive tweet.

It's long established that Ben Shapiro is a Never Trumper. From time to time he says some pro-Trump things to pander to his base, so we have to give him some credit that he is on board to a degree, but it's only because the alternative was Hillary Clinton.

First President Trump tweeted about the devastating situation in Paris:

Shapiro responded by not only mocking Catholics, but also President Trump. No idea why he thought this was a good idea.

Ben Shapiro Mocks Catholics and President Trump

It's obvious that Ben Shapiro has never been a fan of President Trump. While the Trump campaign was going on he made no secret of this. But this tweet takes it to another level. There was no place for this tweet.

It was an a Catholic cathedral that was over 800 years old that went down in flames. No one outside of Muslims would think this is funny. Who is he pandering to?

On another note, many people with names that suggest they are likely from the middle East, thought the fire was funny.

muslims thought notre dame fire was funny

Later on Shapiro deleted the tweet, but the damage had been done. Move on and respect our President, Ben.

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