trump and clinton poll results

With the election drawing nearer, polls are actually starting to have some value. There have been many different results predicted, but this is a guy that certainly carries some weight when it comes to making predictions.

Nate Silver, of FiveThirtyEight, predicted 49 of 50 states correctly in the 2012 election.

As for the 2016 election, Silver projects Hillary as having a 79% chance of winning and Trump 20%. This does not bode well for the anti-Hillary faction.

That said, there is time for both candidates to grow, but no one has blown this big of a lead since Michael Dukakis in 1988.

"Trump has never been ahead of Clinton in the general election campaign. He did a great job of appealing to the 40 percent of the GOP he had to win the election, the primary — a lot different than winning 51 percent of 100 percent."

Time will tell, but Hillary is in great president to be the next president of the United States. Lord help us all.


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