Right behind Walmart, Amazon is the second-largest private employer in the entire United States employing nearly 1 million people across the world.

Last week, Amazon was pushed to respond to Senator Bernie Sanders' stupid remarks.

Sanders said that the giant company is underpaying its employees and denying them benefits; that its workers are working in dangerous conditions; and that Amazon is reaping profits in the name of corporate greed.

Sanders had tweeted just before Christmas,

"Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man alive, became $83 billion richer over the past 9 months while Amazon made record profits. Meanwhile, Amazon workers are risking their lives to fill holiday orders and are denied paid sick leave and hazard pay. This ugly corporate greed must end."

The guided missiles that Amazon fired back to Sanders are that:

  •  Amazon pays its employees at least 15 dollars per hour, which is double the federal minimum wage
  • Amazon gives its full-time employees paid sick leave and comprehensive benefits at par with the benefits which their senior executives get.
  • Amazon created 275,000 new jobs since the pandemic began.
  • Amazon has applied enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures, distributed personal protective gear, and executed temperature checks throughout its worldwide operations.
  • While the world was put on lockdown and grappled with how they will get their needs, Amazon fulfilled these needs and people became even more reliant and in need of the services of Jeff Bezos' giant company.

Amazon stipulated that it is not corporate greed that accelerated its sales but the demand for online services and delivery made the existence of Amazon even more relevant than ever.

Democrats really don't understand how capitalism really works. Everything that Amazon said in response to Sanders is clear evidence that capitalism does work when executed correctly and that millions of jobs have been created as a result of capitalism.

The problem is that Democrats are so far apart from reality and understanding and seeing how socialism really affects things because they've been spoiled for so long.

Photo Credit: Seattle City Council

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