Daryl Hannah is reflecting on her role in "Splash" for its 40th anniversary. She spoke to People about her experiences during one of her first movie roles.

She felt awkward about acting at first. "Oh, my God, it's so embarrassing," Hannah shared. "I was really naive."

In "Splash," Hannah played mermaid Madison who falls in love with Tom Hanks' character. Directed by Ron Howard, the film blends fantasy with romantic comedy.

At 63, Hannah recalls being shy about kissing Hanks. She would avoid the kissing scenes during rehearsals. "Once you do it once, then it's easier," she admitted.

Hannah was anxious about scenes requiring nudity. Despite being well-traveled, she had been sheltered. "I was incredibly anxious about any nudity," she said.

To address this, creative solutions were found. Her hair was used to cover her, avoiding the need for a shell bikini top. "I would just make sure to have my hair taped down to my breasts," Hannah explained.

Ron Howard praised Hannah's understanding of her character's natural essence. The team ensured modesty through clever costume adjustments. "She wasn't terribly concerned about that," Howard noted.

Hannah humorously mentioned her most exposed scene at the Statue of Liberty. "Everybody's got a butt! So I guess it's not that bad," she joked.

The mermaid tail costume was a significant challenge, often causing pain and injury. "Almost every day, my feet came out bloody and stuff," Hannah recounted.

Despite the tail's discomfort, Hannah enjoyed filming, often remaining in water between scenes. Hanks and John Candy would even feed her french fries.

Hannah felt at peace underwater, even when swimming far off course. "I get super, super chilled out," she said of her ability to hold her breath for long periods.

Encounters with marine life were common. Pilot fish and barracudas were drawn to her, with barracudas proving to be curious rather than threatening.

Hannah's childhood love for swimming and fantasy played a role in her portrayal of a mermaid. "It's like a part I'd practiced for my whole childhood," she explained.

"Splash" was a commercial success, receiving an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe nomination.

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