40th Birthday Best Friend Gifts for Women: Top Picks to Celebrate Her Special Day

A 40th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating, especially for a best friend. Finding the perfect gift can be a fun yet challenging task. It’s important to choose something that reflects her personality and shows how much you care about her.

Gift options can vary widely, from personalized jewelry to luxurious spa sets. Thoughtful and unique gifts are always appreciated. Consider what your best friend enjoys or has mentioned wanting.

When purchasing a gift, look at quality, relevance, and personal touches. For instance, check the materials for durability in jewelry or the ingredients in skincare items for safety. Making a well-informed choice shows you put thought into the gift, making the celebration that much more special.

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Best 40th Birthday Best Friend Gifts for Women

Find the perfect gift to celebrate your best friend's special day. Our list of top picks will help you show how much you care and appreciate her.

BOGG BAG Original X Large Waterproof Open Tote Bag

A practical and stylish tote for beach and pool outings makes this bag a great gift for your best friend’s 40th birthday.


  • Lightweight design
  • Waterproof material
  • Stands upright


  • Can be bulky
  • High price
  • Limited color options

The BOGG BAG has a spacious interior and can hold a lot of items without tipping over. This bag is perfect for beach trips, picnics, or sports events.

The rubber material is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any spills or wet areas. Plus, it’s easy to clean—just wipe it down when needed. This makes it a handy option for active women who need a reliable tote bag.

One downside is that the bag can feel bulky. Despite this, many users appreciate its durability and the fact that it stays upright, keeping everything inside organized and accessible.

Benevolence LA Plush Velvet Jewelry Box

This chic jewelry box is ideal for anyone who frequently travels and wants to keep their accessories organized and secure.


  • Keeps jewelry organized
  • Luxurious velvet finish
  • Compact and travel-friendly


  • Flap can get in the way
  • Earring holders could be more secure
  • Limited capacity

This travel jewelry case by Benevolence LA features a soft velvet finish and a compact design, making it perfect for trips. It’s small enough to fit in your luggage while offering enough space to keep your rings, necklaces, and bracelets in order. The elegant emerald green color and gold zipper add a touch of style.

One of the best aspects of this jewelry box is its multiple compartments. They prevent necklaces from tangling and keep all your pieces easily accessible. The built-in mirror also lets you check your look on the go.

A potential issue is that the inner flap meant to separate compartments can make closing the box a bit tricky. Also, some users feel that the earring holders are not as secure as they could be. Despite these minor cons, it’s an excellent gift for any woman who loves to travel with her jewelry.

Katie Doodle Funny Best Friend Birthday Card

This card is a perfect, humorous gift for a best friend’s 40th birthday.


  • High-quality card material
  • Funny and relatable message
  • Includes stylish envelope


  • Price might be high for a single card
  • Humor may not suit everyone
  • Only one design available

Katie Doodle’s Funny Best Friend Birthday Card is an excellent choice for a 40th birthday gift. Its humorous message is sure to bring a smile to your best friend’s face. The card is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring that it feels just right.

The included trendy kraft envelope adds style to the gift, making the entire package look thoughtful and complete. This card stands out as a memorable keepsake, capturing the essence of a special friendship.

Despite being somewhat pricey for a single card, its unique humor and design make it worth considering. It’s a delightful gift to celebrate the milestone of turning 40.

Vintage 1984 Wine Glass

A perfect 40th birthday gift that is both classy and memorable.


  • Impressive design and durable glass.
  • Elegant gift packaging.
  • Large capacity for drinks.


  • Not safe for microwaves.
  • Can be fragile if not handled carefully.
  • Letters might fade over time.

This Vintage 1984 Wine Glass is a great idea for a 40th birthday gift for wine lovers. The design is both classy and fun, making it a memorable piece for any occasion.

The packaging is also impressive, featuring a sturdy and elegant pink tube that’s ready for gifting. Whether it’s for a friend, sister, or any special woman in your life, this glass will surely make her feel celebrated.

However, it’s not suitable for microwaves, and care should be taken to avoid breakage. The engraving on the glass might wear off over time, but the overall experience is still delightful.

8PC Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

An excellent self-care gift with diverse aromas that could be a hit for any 40th birthday celebration.


  • Variety of 8 scents to match different moods.
  • Elegant gift packaging makes it visually appealing.
  • Easy to use for a quick spa experience at home.


  • Some labels are hard to read.
  • Not all scents are equally long-lasting.
  • Might dissolve too quickly on the shower floor.

These shower steamers make for an attractive and practical birthday gift. With 8 different aromas, they cater to a variety of preferences and moods. The packaging is elegant, making it a ready-to-gift option for any occasion.

Using them is straightforward—just place one on the shower floor, away from the heavy stream, add some warm water, and let the aroma envelop you. This makes it a delightful self-care ritual that can be easily integrated into a daily routine.

A few minor drawbacks include the labels, which some users find difficult to read. Also, not all scents last long, and some might dissolve quicker than expected in the shower. Despite these drawbacks, they offer a simple way to elevate a daily shower into a more relaxing experience.

Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp

A great gift combining style and function, turning any candle into a safer, flameless home fragrance experience.


  • Eco-friendly, no smoke or soot
  • Adjustable heat with timer
  • Stylish decor fits any room


  • Not waterproof
  • Requires specific bulb type
  • Hinges on stable voltage

The Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp is a stylish and practical gift idea for a 40th birthday best friend gift. This lamp eliminates the need for open flames, making it a safer option. Its design blends well in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, elevating the overall aesthetic.

No more worrying about smoke or soot, as this candle warmer uses a halogen bulb to melt wax efficiently. The dimmable feature and timer allow users to control the fragrance intensity and operating hours. This makes it convenient and customizable for various settings.

While it fits most candle sizes, it’s essential to use it at a stable voltage to prevent bulb burnouts. This candle warmer is not waterproof, so it’s best suited for indoor use. Its elegant design and effective functionality make it perfect for any gift-giving occasion.

Temple Spring Bath Caddy

This bamboo bath caddy combines style and practicality, making it a perfect gift for a 40th birthday.


  • Durable bamboo construction
  • Adjustable to fit most bathtubs
  • Additional accessories included


  • May not match all bathroom styles
  • Requires assembly
  • Pricey for some budgets

The Temple Spring Bath Caddy is made from solid bamboo, ensuring stability and no rust, unlike flimsy metal options. It extends to fit most bathtubs and stays secure with non-slip pads.

It includes a matching bamboo soap dish, face cloth, and exfoliating gloves, adding extra luxury to the bath experience. The water-resistant finish ensures the caddy lasts longer.

This bath caddy suits those who love taking relaxing baths with a book or tablet. Despite the higher price point, it offers great value with its durable design and additional features.

40th Birthday Mug - Unique Gifts for Women and Men Turning 40

This mug makes a fantastic gift for anyone celebrating their 40th birthday with style and joy.


  • Bright and colorful design
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Brings joy and laughter


  • Hand wash only
  • Smaller size
  • Limited to birthday theme

The 40th Birthday Mug by Vivulla68 is ideal for bringing a splash of color and fun to a milestone birthday. Its vibrant design makes every sip a celebration, perfect for both men and women turning 40.

Crafted from durable ceramic, it ensures lasting quality and daily use. Though it's a smaller mug, it still makes a big impression with its delightful graphics and thoughtful design.

This mug includes a matching keychain, adding an extra touch of charm. It does need to be washed by hand, which might be a small hassle. Overall, it's a perfect keepsake for those fabulous 40-year-olds.

LiqCool 40th Birthday Tumbler

An ideal gift for any woman turning 40, combining style and practicality.


  • Keeps drinks hot or cold for hours
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Unique and attractive design


  • Lid can be hard to wash
  • Slightly bulky for small hands
  • Might be too large for some cup holders

This 40 oz tumbler from LiqCool is perfect for celebrating a 40th birthday. Its "Since 1984" design is eye-catching and durable, making it a special keepsake. The tumbler is crafted from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring it's both odorless and rust-resistant.

The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages at the desired temperature for hours. Whether it's coffee, tea, or a cool drink, this tumbler maintains the temperature exceptionally well. It includes various accessories like a BPA-free lid and spill stopper, adding to its convenience.

This tumbler is practical for both indoor and outdoor use. Its durability and attractive design make it a great gift choice. Just be aware of its slightly bulky size, which might not fit all cup holders.

Bearaby Cotton Weighted Blanket

A great choice for comfort and sustainability that your best friend will love.


  • Comfortable hand-knit design
  • Made from pure cotton
  • Machine washable


  • Quite heavy to handle
  • Only available in few colors
  • Size may be smaller than expected

The Bearaby Cotton Weighted Blanket is a cozy gift idea for a 40th birthday. With its hand-knit design, it hugs your body, providing a soothing and comforting experience. The blanket is made from pure cotton, ensuring it's both sustainable and soft on the skin.

This blanket is also easy to care for, as it's machine washable. No need to worry about complicated cleaning steps. It's a durable and convenient option that can be used daily.

However, it's quite heavy and might be hard to manage for some users. It comes in limited colors and might be smaller than some people expect. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful and thoughtful gift choice.

VOLO Hero Cloud Pink Hair Towel

This hair towel is a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to cut down on drying time while keeping their hair frizz-free and healthy.


  • Reduces drying time by 50%
  • Super soft and gentle on hair
  • Secure fit with Snug Strap


  • Higher price point
  • Limited color options
  • Might feel bulky for some

The VOLO Hero Cloud Pink Hair Towel is designed for anyone who wants to reduce their hair drying time significantly. Made with a proprietary Nanoweave fabric, it absorbs water quickly, leaving your hair smooth and frizz-free. It's as easy as wrapping, twisting, and tucking due to its handy Snug Strap, so you won't have to deal with towels that fall off.

This towel is also perfect as a gift because it comes in lovely packaging, making it great for birthdays and special occasions. With its award-winning design, it's a reliable choice to keep hair looking its best without much hassle. The VOLO Hero towel is especially recommended for those with long or thick hair thanks to its extra fabric and secure fit.

Whether for yourself or a close friend, this towel is an excellent addition to any beauty routine. Its effectiveness and thoughtful design make it a standout product in the crowded market of hair drying towels.

Buying Guide

Consider Her Interests

Think about what she loves. Is she into fashion, books, sports, or art? Knowing her hobbies can help narrow down the perfect gift.

Practical vs. Sentimental

Decide if you want a gift that's useful or something more personal. Sometimes a sentimental item shows how much you care.

Personalized Gifts

Adding a personal touch can make all the difference. Items with her name, initials, or birthdate are always special.

Quality Matters

Look for high-quality items. Something well-made tends to last longer and shows that you put thought into your choice.


Set a budget before shopping. Great gifts don't have to be expensive, but knowing your limit helps narrow down choices.

User Reviews

Check reviews and ratings before buying. Feedback from others can give insight into the product's durability and satisfaction.

FeatureWhy It's Important
PersonalizationAdds a unique touch, showing extra thought.
DurabilityEnsures the gift lasts and stays treasured.
PracticalityUseful gifts can be enjoyed daily.
SentimentalMeaningful items create lasting memories.
Size/FitMake sure clothing or accessories fit well.
ReviewsReal user feedback helps in making a choice.


How you present the gift can make it even more special. A beautiful wrapping can add to the excitement.

Consider Experiences

Think about gifting experiences like a spa day or a cooking class. These can create lasting memories. They also offer something new.

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