Look, we live in America and we know that we have some stupid people here. Sure, it's not the most politically correct thing to say, but it's the truth.

However, if you think that America is the only place with idiots, you would be severely mistaken. They are just as dumb all over the world as they are here...if not worse.

In Urmston, Manchester, England, a young many standing in line at a KFC restaurant threatened to stab another man who was waiting to get food also. The man on the receiving end of the threat, Zaviea Leaff wasn't going to let this slide.

According to Daily Mail,

Mr. Leaff says he'd gone into the restaurant in Urmston, Manchester, on Thursday afternoon with a friend to order some food when the teenager asked: 'What you looking at?'

'I wasn't staring at anyone,' he said.

'I was actually just looking at the menu and wondering if they'd got my order wrong.

'But he kept on staring at me and asking me why I was looking at him.

'So I walked over and asked him what the problem was and he said: 'Go and sit down or I'll stick one in you.'

'I'm not the type to back down but the next thing he did was reach for a knife.

'It was really scary but I think my survival instinct just kicked in.

'I couldn't believe he was prepared to pull a knife in the middle of KFC over nothing.'

Mr Leaff's friend punched the teenager as he went to reach for the knife in his pocket.


In the video, you can see Leaf throw the young punk to the ground and hold him there as another man comes to help him.

The punk kid tried to apologize saying "I'm sorry" and that "I didn't mean to do it", but it's too late. And another thing, how did he not mean to do it? That's not something that just happened on accident. What an idiot.

The kid was trying to act tough and tried to intimidate someone else. He learned a hard lesson instead.

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