For those of us who are supportive of the police officers and what they're going through right now in having to deal with right now, there is some good news.

Amidst the massive surge in crime and violence and the calls to defund the police which would effectively eliminate the force that is protecting our society, the state of Georgia has made it a hate crime to harass our boys in blue.

The Georgia legislature recently responded by passing a pair of laws. The first was Georgia’s first hate-crime law. During the bill’s passage through Georgia’s legislature, the bill was split into two, with the other establishing first responders as a protected group. As Law Enforcement Today reported,

“In legislation bill 426, later moved to another bill, House bill 838, it added police officers as a protected class, similar to current hate crime laws.

“The bill makes it a crime to attempt to harass or intimidate any first responder, including police officers.  The bill passed as the same time the hate bill crime passed.

“In the language of the law, anyone who harasses or intimidates any law enforcement officer while he/she is performing their lawful duty can be arrested.”

The law is likely to be viewed as timely by supporters given the actions of so-called protesters in recent months. One stark example of the type of things this law could potentially prevent occurred in Richmond, Virginia back in June when protesters intentionally blocked firefighters from getting to a fire.

Another example of the actions this law is likely designed to address occurred in Cleveland, Ohio back in May, when protesters began attacking an ambulance on the way to take care of a patient.

Knowing that it is going to cost them $5,000 and 5 years in jail for committing one of these hate crimes, hopefully this will deter them from trying to attack police and first responders.


Law Enforcement TodayWashington Times

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