Trump campaign has their sights set on securing our borders. "Build the wall." Dems have laughed. You won't believe why Obama sent $75 million to Mexico.

You Won't Believe Why Obama Sent $75 Million to Mexico

It seems President Obama wanted to do one last thing to make a mark. So he is sending $75 million to Mexico to help them secure their borders. That is right. Obama is sending $75 million to Mexico to help "build the wall."

Newsmax reported on a story that Mexico is desperate to keep criminals from Central America out of their country. This would be done by building a wall and securing the Southern Mexico border.

In 2015 there were 175,000 Central Americans deported out of Mexico. This year they have already exceeded 100,000.

The thoughts going through your mind right now are probably something along the lines of, "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!?"

Maybe down the line it would be fine to help Mexico build that wall. Yeah maybe. After the United States has their own wall to protect its border. Let's say it one more time to make sure you get it. Obama sent $75 million to Mexico to help them build the wall.

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