Hillary Clinton had a medical episode on 9/11. They were headed for the ER when they detoured to daughter Chelsea's. You won't believe why Clinton team avoided ER.

You Won't Believe Why Clinton Team Avoided ER

Secret Service protocol called for Hillary to be rushed to a Level 1 trauma center. Specifically, they were headed for Bellevue Hospital.

A campaign operative made a major decision on the fly and took Hillary to daughter Chelsea's. Why would they do this? They were fearful medical workers would leak the details of the visit to the media.

On top of that, the van Clinton was traveling in was supposed to be escorted by NYPD. Instead, the Secret Service pulled her away from the police escort.

What do you think of the Clinton Team continuously manipulating events? At this point, there is no denying that Hillary Clinton's health is a big-time concern. Share on Facebook to uncover another of the Hillary Clinton lies.

You Won't Believe Why Clinton Team Avoided ER

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