The Women's March has brought some entertainment to the masses. That surely wasn't the goal of the march, but what can you do? Woman's March Madness.

Fleccas Talks put together an awesome video that shows many of these women have no idea what they're marching for. There is one thing they are sure of. They hate President Trump. While they are trying to explain why they are marching, they are just too charged up with emotion.

Women's March Madness:

Another thing you can count is Alex Jones to bring insanity to these events. As expected he sent his team to an insane Women's March with the clear goal of mayhem. This was very entertaining, absurd and entertaining.

Per Daily Wire:

As The Daily Wire highlighted, the Women's March hit peak crazy this year, with abortion enthusiasts defending the murder of unborn children up until seconds before the child's birth, unhinged anti-Trumpers literally calling for the assassination of the President and Vice President of the United States, and self-described "feminists" defending the oppression of women in Islamist countries.

Enter conspiracy theory site Info Wars, who went in to do what Jones loves to do: crazy-up the crazy. A few highlights from the inevitably entertaining video produced by Jones and co.: the feminists' conflicted response to a Bill Clinton "RAPE" T-shirt; the feminsts' conflation of every leftwing agenda item with their "bodies" (particularly guns); a "male feminist" attacking the man-on-the-street; and the overtly sexist declarations made by just about every marcher, like the ubiquitous "The Future Is Female" slogans and "No Country For Old Men."

Infowars causes mayhem at Women's March:

Credit where it's due. A lot of people did some very interesting work with the Women's March and exposed the motives and insanity of this event.

The Daily Caller and The Daily Caller News Foundation teamed up during the weekend to find out which is the more tolerant group: the Women's March or pro-lifers.

They attended both The March For Life and The Women's March to see how comfortable they would be if there were women from the other group attending their march.

More tolerant: Pro-Lifers or The Women's March?

Again, great job by these people exposing the zaniness of these participants in the Women's March. Is it a Women's March or an anti-Trump march? Seems to be an all-encompassing march.

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