In an incredible amazing tale, a woman who had been reported missing for two years was miraculously found floating at sea by some fishermen.

The shocking thing was that she was still alive and the whole thing was caught on video.

She was brought ashore where locals tended to her before she was taken to hospital.

Angelica was then reunited with her family as she told investigators what had happened to her since disappearing two years ago.

The Caribbean Sea where she was in is home to dangerous sharks, including tiger sharks and bull sharks.

During her time in the sea, she said the creatures circled her as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

"I knew there are many sharks in that area and, I don't know if in a hallucination I felt that a fin passed very close to me, but it didn't stop," she said.

But then with time beginning to run out, she had a miraculous stroke of luck when she was spotted by the fisherman, who initially thought she was a log until she waved her hand to summon help.

What makes this really crazy is that the rescue was captured on video by the fishermen.

“Thank God I was alive,” said the woman, Angelica Gaitan, who was found Saturday by Roland Visbal while floating 1.2 miles off of Puerto Colombia.

When the woman was rescued her first words were, “I was born again. God did not want me to die.”

I do truly believe this was an act of God to preserve her life and to me, that's not something that is unusual because I believe God governs all things.

Regardless, this is still a miraculous event and even though she wasn't at see for two years like I initially thought when I heard about this story, she had been at sea for at least 8 hours and should have easily been dead already.

The Sun

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