There has been a new Wikileaks email released. The Wikileaks email shows Hillary bought Bernie Sanders support. Does this surprise anyone?

There were exchanges between Brent Budowsky and Clinton 2016 campaign chair John Podesta that uncovered this information. Budowsky is an ex-legislative director to Congressman Bill Alexander. Additionally, Budowsky had a curiously short career as a blogger. Budowsky very clearly goes over the strategy to buy out Sanders.

Wikileaks Email

Wikileaks Email Shows Hillary Bought Bernie Sanders Support

Budowsky was suggesting that the DNC and Clinton campaign speak highly of Bernie Sanders until the right time. Once it gets to that point they were to pay him and get him to back Hillary Clinton. At least that's the general thought process for those who have read the email.

Libertarian party chair Nicholas Sarwark strongly agrees with this stance.

If the emails are showing a "double-cross" which they clearly appear to, this is a big development. This is major evidence that points at the Clinton campaign underhanded tactics. Nothing new, but this is much larger than previous instances.

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