There has been no other place in the country that has been hit as hard as New York City.

It really makes sense though as to why they've been hit so badly by the coronavirus. The city alone has over 8 million people living there which is about twice as many as live in the entire state of which I currently live. That doesn't even take into account however many people commute to the city for work or tourism every day.

Nowhere in America has been hit as hard by the growing pandemic of the coronavirus than New York City.

Then you've got to consider that NYC has two airports and one of them is JFK which is one of the busiest. And don't forget about the subway either.

But what one man captured in NYC demonstrates why they may be getting so many cases. They're not practicing social distancing.

ABC 7 News in New York shared a photo taken by a man on the subway took a photo of people packed into the train car like a bunch of sardines.

The caption reads:

"This is the No. 2 train at about 6 p.m. Thursday evening, in a photo provided to Eyewitness News by Progressive Action's Twitter account. The MTA says it is running as many trains as it can, but has been hobbled because of crews that are out sick or quarantined. Public health officials have said social distancing is the key to slowing the spread of the deadly COVID-19, and New York remains the hardest-hit place in the nation."

The Daily Wire reported,

There’s no way of knowing how many people on the train were working essential jobs necessary even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and were risking their health to travel to them, but the picture was a disturbing reminder of how much the crisis has made normal life subject to rancorous debate as to how to act. The cost of traveling by taxi or a car service such as Uber or Lyft could inhibit people from taking alternate methods of transportation.

On Tuesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, ordering the closing of the city’s playgrounds, stated that he might be forced to mandate social distancing measures, saying, “The NYPD has to get more aggressive. Period. Period. If you’re going to force me into a position where I have to mandate it, and make it a law, a social distancing law, which I think is absurd, but it has to be enforced. I’ve said this 100 different ways, but compliance is still not where it should be. How reckless and irresponsible and selfish for people not to do it on their own? I mean, what else do you have to know? What else do you have to hear? Who else has to die for you to understand you have a responsibility in this?”

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