Whoopi Goldberg was interviews on CNN's The Axe Files Saturday night. The liberal comedian continues to claim that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell absolutely refused to work with Obama after he was elected president. She took things a step further and said that the reason a lot of people opposed Obama was "based in race" and she said "That group that never got over the fact that slavery was abolished is still out there."

Host David Axelrod asked about why she always refuses to refer to Donald Trump by name while she is co-hosting The View.


The two were disgusting the polarization of politics. Goldberg stated that she wished there were more moderates in government. Then she started complaining about McConnell:

When I heard Mitch McConnell say, when Obama was elected, "I'm not going to do anything -- anything to help this President." That was a big F-you to the United States because he wasn't the President of black people -- he was the President of the liberals -- he was the President of everybody."

Per NewsBusters:

This recollection seems to be based on a debunked myth that McConnell had stated that his top priority was to defeat Obama right after the President was first elected when, in reality, the Republican leader made the comment almost two years into Obama's presidency in the middle of election season in October 2010.

Host Axelrod -- a former Obama advisor -- soon followed up by asking: "How much of that opposition was rooted in race, in your view?"

Goldberg proclaimed that "I think a lot of it was based in race," and, without naming any names, claimed that she remembered "some of those talk radio people asking questions" likening President Obama to the cartoon character Curious George, adding that "that group that never got over the fact that slavery was abolished is still out there."

A bit later, Axelrod brought up his guest's refusal to pronounce President Trump's name, and asked why she has such a reaction. After initially just simply stating, "I can't," she soon added: "This is the first time where I can't wrap my mind around this and that people felt the need to put this in."

As previously documented by NewsBusters, Goldberg never utters Trump's name when he is discussed on ABC's The View, instead opting to refer to him as "the new guy" or "you know who."

Far left CNN pushes further and further left. Whoopi Goldberg is so out of touch when it comes to these issues. She just goes along with whatever fits her narrative.

Twitter users respond to the far left views of Goldberg:

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