White House Being Petitioned to Recognize Antifa as Terrorist Group

After the recent events regarding Antifa, the White House is now being petitioned to recognize Antifa as a terrorist group. It is blowing up! It was created on August 17th and has reached over 140,00 signatures since then.

On the petition, it is explains that Antifa engages in terrorism so it should be declared a terrorist organization.

Per Daily Caller:

The left-wing anti-capitalist political movement styles itself a fighting force against “fascism” and “Nazism,” justifying action – including violence – against anyone whom they claim fall into such categories; this has been proven to include essentially anyone on the right, even if they are active participants in combating neo-Nazism on the so-called “alt-right.”

Antifa has become increasingly active in the past two years, attempting to or succeeding in shutting down speeches from right-wing or liberal speakers by triggering a heckler’s veto. Last weekend, Antifa appeared in Charlottesville to “punch Nazis” at a rally-turned-riot where a man with white supremacist ties murdered 32-year-old Heather Heyer by driving a vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters.

The group also participated in violent acts against police officers and free speech rally participants in Boston on Saturday, attacking cops and tossing bottles filled with urine at groups of law enforcement.

“AntiFa has earned this title due to its violent actions in multiple cities and their influence in the killings of multiple police officers throughout the United States,” reads the petition. “It is time for the pentagon to be consistent in its actions – and just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare AntiFa a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety.”

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There was a website called “We the People” which was created under the Obama administration. It is a government website which mandates a formal response fro the White House within 30 days, provided the petition exceeds 100,000 signatures.

Thanks, Obama!

White House Being Petitioned to Recognize Antifa as Terrorist Group

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