Weinstein Helped Pay for Slick Willie’s Legal Fees During Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Bill Clinton knows what it’s like to be at the center of a major sex scandal. Records show that Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein go way back. Weinstein helped pay for Slick Willie’s legal fees during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Per Daily Wire:

As noted by Fox News, a recently uncovered 1998 story in The Washington Post reveals that Weinstein donated the maximum contribution of $10,000 Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund.

The now-disgraced movie mogul’s relationship with America’s former President and First Lady has come under severe scrutiny in recent days as the allegations against Weinstein have stacked up. Naturally, the Clintons have pleaded ignorance in regards to his behavior.

Former President Bill Clinton has also been accused of both sexual harassment and rape in the past. When asked about this parallel on the BBC, Hillary Clinton said that’s all in “the past.”

“That has all been litigated,” Clinton said. “That was subject of a huge investigation in the late ’90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past.”

“Clearly in the past”? So was a majority of Harvey Weinstein’s allegations, several of which were also settled out of court, just like the former President, who paid $850,000 to Paul Jones after being accused of sexual harassment.

Weinstein donated as much as $250,000 to The Clinton Foundation; the funds will not be returned according to their spokesman Craig Minassian.

Weinstein Helped Pay for Slick Willie's Legal Fees During Monica Lewinsky Scandal

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Isn’t it amazing how all of these scandals on the left are tied together?

Here is the clip from Washington Post with all of the people who made the maximum allowed donation of $10,000:

Hollywood was quick to come to the president’s aid. Among the 62 donors giving the maximum $10,000 were performers and directors such as Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas, Ron Howard, Norman Lear, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw-Spielberg as well as studio executives Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, Harvey Weinstein and Bud Yorkin.

How nice of Hollywood to step up and foot the bill of their president’s legal fees. I guess this was before the Clintons starting raking in millions of dollars per year from speaking fees.

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