Things got wild at the Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, Atlanta when a vape shop employee went completely insane when he saw a customer wearing a Trump t-shirt.

That's seriously all the man did was walk into the store wearing a Trump shirt and hat. He was refused service and called a "racist motherf*cker" by the employee of the vape shop.

There happened to be a black man in the store when this went down. All he did was stand there and watch it all in astonishment.

“If you do not stop recording in my store, I’m going to call the police and ask you to leave,” the triggered vape shop employee said.

The pro-Trump customer refused to be bullied out of the store and told the employee to go ahead and call the police. This was when the never Trumper employee went completely insane.

“F*ck off dude! F*ck off! Get the f*ck out of here!” the man screamed as he attacked the customer.

The melt down continued as in the end the cashier refused to serve the pro-Trump customer. Despite all of the rage, the customer refused to back down or lose his cool.

After this went down, the Yelp page for Xhale City in Tucker, Georgia was filled up with one-star reviews and had people demanding this crazed leftist be fired.

Watch - Unhinged vape shop employee goes insane!

It turns out that Xhale City did the right thing and fired their crazed employee last night.

As the patriot in the video said, capitalism wins again. Trump Derangement Syndrome cost this young man his job. All he had to do was make a transaction with the man who was wearing a shirt he disagreed with.

Vape Shop Employee Goes on Racist Anti-Trump Rant, Caught On Video

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