A University of Connecticut professor, who happens to be Muslim, has retired after there were complaints from students that the professor forced them to say an Islamic prayer and remove their shoes before they were allowed to enter his office.

Felix Coe, who once taught biology at UConn, had two signs taped to his door. One instructed students to declare "Bismillah," when they enter his office. This translates to "In the name of Allah." The other sign requested anyone entering to remove their shoes.

University of Connecticut Professor Forces Students to Praise Allah Before They Can Enter His Office, bismillah

In a video shared by Jihad Watch, Coe was advising a surprised student to find another professor and told her not to "come in my office with dirty shoes" since it is "a curse." Eventually he told her to "get the hell out" of his office.

"I'm a Muslim," Coe told his bewildered visitor as their meeting was wrapping up.

Watch - University of Connecticut professor

Coe was approached by two other men in his office. They questioned him about his tactics of using religious requirements for students. They pointed out that these types of techniques would not be tolerated if implemented by a Christian.

“You see, if a Christian put here, 'In Jesus' name,' would this happen?” one of the men asked Coe. “You cannot do this to the kids.”

Stephanie Reitz, the spokeswoman for the university, was contacted by Fox News about the incident. She said Coe has since retired and his signs have been removed from the satellite campus in Hartford, Connecticut as soon as he left.

Reitz also stated that there were other areas where the students could meet with Coe, so they could have met there instead of forcing the students to go along with his religious practices.

Talk about complete insanity. These are the kind of people who are in charge of shaping our future.

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