Watch: U.S. Women’s Soccer Player Drops Old Glory for Photo OP

It’s bad enough that we have Megan Rapinoe, U.S. women’s soccer player, disrespecting the president. Now we have players tossing the American Flag to the ground for some quick self glory in front of the cameras? Perhaps they should be playing for a different country.

On Sunday, the U.S. women’s soccer team represented our great country in the Wold Cup, and brought home a win. However, their post celebration of the win is what has people fired up.

Daily Wire reports:

Minutes after the 2-0 game ended in Lyon, France, U.S. midfielder Allie Long was holding an American flag when forward Megan Rapinoe urged her to join in on a choreographed celebration for the cameras.

To do so, Long simply dropped Old Glory on the ground.

U.S. player Kelley O’Hara, who was forced to the sidelines after a hard collision left her with concussion-like symptoms, quickly jumped in to pick up the flag.

In the video, it appears as if Long attempted to pass the flag to Rapinoe, who lets the flag fall. Then they leave the flag on the ground as they mug the cameras. This is pretty sad considering even an injured player with a concussion knew better than to let the flag touch the ground.

Twitter users quickly commented on the disrespect.

“Drop the flag for some self glory. Perfectly sums them up,” one user ripped.

Another user said, “I understand the excitement of the moment, but please NEVER disrespect the flag by dropping it on the ground!”

Here are some more responses:

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What should be an amazing occurence, is hijacked by the clown show to promote disrespect. So brave 😑. Let 🤡 @uswnt and @allie_long_ know what you think about this disrespect in the comments 👇 — Credit: @mikewishniausa • • • • • • @uswnt I know you gave a brief to the girls on proper flag etiquette. @allie_long_ , I know dragging it on the ground and throwing it down like it’s a piece of paper isn’t part of that. It’s not hard to hand it off and celebrate. Your coaching staff or trainers are there to take it. Damn Amazing disrespect for a photo op. Thank you to I think @kelleyohara for running in there and picking it up. #uswnt #worldcup #usopc #ussoccer #flag #oldglory #flagettiquette #unreal #notapieceofpaper #usparalympics #paralympian #thrower #shotput #power #speed #strength

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