On Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attended a hearing focusing on free speech on college campuses. Watch Ted Cruz defend the First Amendment like few can. The video can be found further down the page.

In the beginning Cruz points that diversity is a necessary thing on college campuses. It is important for college students to learn about many different viewpoints and also have their own beliefs challenged. The problem with this is much of the left freaks out when their viewpoints are challenged. Instead of listening to the views of speakers such as Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos, they riot and don't allow them on campus. Even at Berkeley. The place known as the "birthplace of free speech." They did not even allow Ann Coulter to speak while on campus. She pulled out due to threats of violence and lack of support from the university.

"If universities become homogenizing institutions that are focused on inculcating and indoctrinating rather than challenging, we will lose what makes universities great," Cruz stated.

Cruz went on to point out how the beauty of the First Amendment is that it protects other people's rights to express differing opinions. This makes it even more sad that administration and faculty on campuses are "complicit in functioning essentially as speech police." This is because college campus members are rioting in order to stop speeches from the right from happening.

Cruz finished the speech in very strong fashion. "We don't need to use brute force to silence them because is truth is far more powerful than force," is how Cruz concluded.

Watch the speech.

WATCH Ted Cruz Defend the First Amendment

Ted Cruz is a tried and true conservative. It's awesome to see him standing behind his beliefs and talking about something he knows best: The Constitution.

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