WATCH: Ted Cruz Chased From DC Restaurant by Kavanaugh Protesters

This isn’t the first time a Republican was chased from a restaurant. This time Ted Cruz was forced to leave the premises of a restaurant while trying to enjoy dinner.

The protesters declared Cruz is a “fascist” due to his support of Brett Kavanaugh. Far left protesters left Cruz and his wife no choice but to leave the establishment.

While chanting “we believe survivors” the loony leftists chased Cruz out of the restaurant.

The protesters also blocked Cruz’s wife from leaving, forcing the Senator to ask them to allow her to leave.

You can hear a male protester say, “Beto is way hotter than you, dude.”

Unfortunately, this is the new norm for the unhinged left. Finally someone steps in at the end of the video and reminds one of the protesters that the restaurant is a private place.

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