Former Vice President Joe Biden is if nothing else, entertaining to watch, at least for conservatives. I'm sure it's cringy to watch him and listen to him speak if you're a Democrat.

Every time that I see him in a new video or doing a new virtual town hall event, I just wonder what kind of word vomit is going to spew from his mouth.

Can you just imagine what's going to happen later this year when it comes time to do the debates between President Trump and Biden? Trump is going to rip him a new one and Joe is going to be so flustered he won't even be able to mutter out a coherent thought.

We've seen him lose his cool time and time again also, grabbing women, putting his finger in people's faces, calling a man fat and challenging him to a push-up contest...and this is only a handful of the things that he's done.

Even Democrats are losing faith in Biden as at least 25% of them want someone else.

But if you do watch his gaffes, you likely see what I see, that is a mental state that is quickly deteriorating.

Just take a look at this 'town hall' web meeting of Biden's and see if you can catch what it is he's trying to say:

Did you catch that? "so workers don't have to leave work to uh to get uh uh to be fired in order uh when they get sick to be able to continue to live".


But there's more...

Biden just said that this is a great opportunity to transform the country. I guess now that people are dying and need help Biden sees this as an opportunity to prey upon those who are down on their luck right now, just like Pelosi has been doing.

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