WATCH: President Trump and Chuck Schumer Battle Face-to-Face Over Border Wall Funding

The battle for border wall funding continues between President Trump and the Democrats. With another government shutdown looming, there is no agreement in sight.

President Trump debated with House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, which created an incredible Oval Office debate session in front of TV cameras.

Pelosi and Schumer paid a visit to The White House on Tuesday to negotiate with President Trump with regards to the border wall funding that will be included in the next spending bill. President Trump was looking for $5 billion in funding and the pair offered only $1.3 billion in funding for the wall. With the two sides being this far apart, a partial government shutdown could be looming.

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At the beginning of her statement, Pelosi noted that the shutdown would be known as “The Trump Shutdown,” which President Trump immediately interrupted. The argue then extended to whether or not President Trump has enough House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate votes for the proposed border wall funding.

“If we thought we would get it passed in the Senate, Nancy, we would do it immediately,” Trump said while adding, “It doesn’t matter, though, because you can’t get it passed in the Senate because we need ten Democrats’ vote.”

At one point Pelosi asked why there were TV cameras in the room during budget negotiations and President Trump responded, “It’s called transparency, Nancy.”

Here is the ending of the televised portion of the debate when things were getting very heated between Chuck Schumer and President Trump:

Then after the meeting with President Trump concluded, Pelosi questioned President Trump’s manhood and compared him to a skunk. Why didn’t she do this when they were face-to-face?


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