This is a great video featuring comedian and author Owen Benjamin. In it, he explains why you can't argue with a leftist.

If you follow Owen Benjamin on Instagram, then you realize he goes off the rails quite often and has some very "out there" stances on different issues. But for this video he does a great job of making his case and the content is very accurate.

He points out that it's okay for people to disagree when they have the same goals. A liberal and a conservative can disagree on the method for gun control, but that's not a problem, because their end goal is the same. They want schools to be safe. Maybe a conservative thinks that providing people on campus with guns to protect themselves and a liberal thinks they should ban guns from school campuses. It's a disagreement and that's okay, they both have the same end goal.

Benjamin claims that being a liberal or conservative is fine. It's the leftists that are tearing apart this country.

Owen Benjamin Explains Why You Can't Argue With a Leftist

Some people are attacking Benjamin on Twitter and since he has been banned he is not there to defend himself.

Others support the video:



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