After her failed publicity stunt, MSNBC defends Elizabeth Warren and takes things a step further by claiming Cherokee Nation is racist.

MSNBC Political Analyst and Sirius XM Director of Progressive Programming Zerlina Maxwell was defending Warren late Thursday morning. After their statement condemning Warren, Maxwell claimed that Cherokee Nation is racist.

Anchor Craig Melvin claimed that Warren has long claimed she is part Cherokee. Melvin said, “Cherokee Nation, Secretary of State Cherokee Nation, said in a statement, ‘DNA testing cannot prove that Warren is Cherokee or any other tribe.’” He then asked, “Do we think that the decision itself was a mistake? Do we think that the timing was a mistake?”

Maxwell then tried to argue that Warren doing this "put to bed a lot of the controversy." That's hilarious. Maxwell also laid claim that she is part Cherokee. And accused the tribe of discrimination.

So a Democratic senator claims to be Native American to advance her career. She then takes a DNA test that shows she could be only 1/1024th of that heritage and foolishly uses that as proof of her heritage. Then one of her left-wing media friends come in and defends her. Doesn't just defend her, but also labels Cherokee Nation as racist. You can't make this stuff up.

The liberal media will go to any length to defend their people.

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