Even MSNBC's MSNBC has joined in on the Hillary Clinton bashing. Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC calls Hillary Clinton a conspiracy theorist.

You know things are getting bad for Hillary Clinton when her personal lapdog, MSNBC, is even turning on her. While explaining the Russian bit, Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC was unable to explain it without nothing that Hillary Clinton has peddled a conspiracy theory of her own.

Watch the video.

MSNBC Calls Hillary Clinton a Conspiracy Theorist

At this point, it's pretty clear to everyone (everyone but Hillary that is) that it is time for her to go away. When the home of Rachel Maddow accuses you of being a conspiracy theorist, your career is over. Hillary Clinton is so far gone that not even MSNBC can back her. What does she have left?

The Trump/Russia collusion claims by the left have been blown to bits. After the investigation by Project Veritas, it is time for them to move on and admit that there is no such thing. CNN was caught on tape saying that the Trump/Russia conspiracy is "bullsh*t" that is done for ratings. Or as Van Jones put it, "a big nothing burger."

Go back into the woods, Hillary. This time feel free to stay a whole lot longer.

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