I swear, youth today is dumber than any other generation. But of all the idiotic things that I've ever seen from the younger generation. Not only is it stupid, but it's also disgusting.

One of the things that probably encouraged what I'm about to tell you is the app TikTok. It's probably the most used app by people in their teens and younger 20 somethings. So much stupid stuff happens on that app just for the sake of being popular or viral that the world would honestly just be better off without the app.

Not very long ago we had these idiots eating Tide pods which purposedly led them to put toxic chemicals in their mouths. There were people who ended up dying from this stunt. But this newest trend has the potential to be much deadlier.

It's called the Coronavirus Challenge and it consists of people licking toilet seats. They aren't just doing this at their own homes, they're licking public toilet seats.

The idiot who came up with the idea? Well, it looks like it was a model actually.

According to the Miami Herald,

Instagram model Ava Louise took some heat this week because of a stunt she pulled on a flight to Miami on Friday.

The Rutgers University student is the social media enemy du jour after posting a video of her licking a toilet seat, as part of a “coronavirus challenge.”

In the clip, the New Jersey native, wearing sunglasses on her head, leans down, licks the seat generously as it if were ice cream, then gives the peace sign.

The “Skinny Legend Anthem” singer first gained fame after appearing on “The Dr Phil Show” twice telling her “not to hot” tale about how she used to be overweight and bullied but is now a “magical creature.”

“Please [repost] this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,” read Louise’s caption.

The backlash was almost immediate. Even “The View’s” Meghan McCain blasted Louise and Tweeted that she should be put in jail.

But the 21 year old is “unbothered” as she wrote on Insta. Louise told the Miami Herald that people are “bugging” and that she was at no risk of catching COVID-19.

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