This Miami judge doesn't take any crap from this spoiled rich girl. In this awesome video he lays down the law.

In the video below Penelope Soto is in a Miami courtroom for possession of drugs. By being completely ridiculous, she makes this day much worse for herself.

Is she really high on drugs? Is she completely spoiled? It's hard to say, but either way this is not how you act in court. While being asked for a public defender she brags about how much jewelry has. After that she gets smacked down with a $5,000 fine for having Xanax illegally.

After being dismissed by the judge she gives a snarky response. When this happens the judge brings her back and doubles the fine. At this point she still hadn't learned her lesson. She flipped the bird to the judge while leaving the second time.

This Miami judge refused to let her end the exchange on this. The judge then informed her she would be spending the next 30 days behind bars.

Miami Judge Lays Down the Law on Spoiled Rich Girl

This spoiled brat went from having it all and living fast on the Miami party scene to spending 30 days behind bars, all because of a poor attitude. As the judge told her, "Adios!"

It would help to have more judges like this. They don't crap from anyone and he had no doubt that the right move was to put her behind bars.

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