Get this: Mexico's leftist president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is now demanding that Spain and the Vatican apologize for the conquests that happened back in 1519-1521. That was 500 years ago, people! Get over it!

Liberals are loony, no matter what country they are from. We know the left is absolutely ridiculous in America and Canada, so why should it be any different for Mexico?

Obrador claims that the indigenous peoples of Mexico deserve an apology for the massacres that happened.

In that case, I would like an apology for the injustice that my Irish ancestors endured and also reparations for my Native American ancestors. Nevermind the fact that I, nor any of my living family, was alive or even thought of when these injustices were happening....and none of the people who carried out the injustices are alive today. However, I think I still deserve an apology.

Sounds silly, right? Exactly.

BBC reports:

The man who became Mexico's first leftist president in seven decades has been pursuing a radical agenda since being sworn in in December, promising to tackle corruption, reduce inequality and lift millions of Mexicans out of poverty.

On Monday, he tweeted a video address from an archaeological site in Comacalco, Tabasco, where he is shown speaking alongside the First Lady, Beatriz Gutierrez.

"I have sent a letter to the Spanish king [Felipe VI] and another letter to the Pope so that the abuses can be acknowledged and an apology can be made to the indigenous peoples for the violations of what we now call human rights," President Obrador continued, "There were massacres... The so-called conquest was done with the sword and the cross. They raised churches on top of temples."

"The time has come to reconcile but first they should ask forgiveness," he added.

Spain's government has rejected the request for apology. Can you blame them?

"The arrival, 500 years ago, of Spaniards to present Mexican territory cannot be judged in the light of contemporary considerations," the Spanish government said, "Our two brother nations have always known how to read our shared past without anger and with a constructive perspective."

The Vatican has not yet responded.


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