Democrats are so angry they will go to any length to attack those who aren't among them. Take Juan Williams, for instance. He calls Kanye's Christian faith a "marketing gimmick."

While travelling the country helping people find Christ and direction in life, Williams somehow still finds a way to attack him for it.

Greg Gutfield believes it is genuine from the heart for Kanye. Juan Williams, the angry liberal, disagrees.

Williams did admit he can't "read Kanye's mind" but he is able to read "marketing ploys." According to Juan, all West is concerned about is expanding his reach.

It's not easy to figure out why Williams is so anti-Kanye in this spot. West is encouraging blacks to "escape the Democrat plantation."

This goes against everything the Democratic Party stands for. The more years go by, the more anti-Christian the Democratic Party is. It seems their 2020 candidates are jumping over each other to see who can make abortion the easiest.

Democrats love black people as long as they act as they believe they should. Kanye wasn't supposed to support President Trump. Oh wait Kanye, you can't really turn your back on the culture and give your life to Christ.

Why not?

Juan Williams attacks Kanye West's Christianity:

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Kanye took his "Sunday Service" choir to Texas to perform a conert for inmates last Sunday.

No matter what the left says it's great that Kanye West found Christ. He should be empowered, not taken down by jokers like Juan Williams.

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