It looks like Kathy Griffin can dish it out but she can't take it. A clip has been exposed where the massive hypocrite Kathy Griffin is brought to tears.

Griffin has even admitted herself that she is an "insult comic" which means she rips on people and tears them down to create her humor. Despite years of insulting people she can't handle it when people do the same to her. All Jay Leno had to do was say she's not very pretty to bring Kathy Griffin to tears.

In this situation Griffin broke into tears after she showed Leno a photo of her paired with Carmen Electra and he referenced that Electra was much prettier than her. Come on now. How out of touch is Griffin? Obviously Electra is much prettier than her, this should not be shocking news.

What made this funnier was it sounded like something Griffin would actually say during one of her comedy routines. But when someone says something like that to her, she breaks down and starts crying.

What do you think? Did Jay Leno go too far? Or is Kathy Griffin being a crybaby and needs to learn to take it since she dishes out the same type of jokes on a regular basis?

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