On Tuesday presidential adviser Jared Kushner talked about how he's spent a lot of time "cleaning up the messes" created by former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner .

During an interview with Channel 13 News of Israel, Kushner fired back on Biden's remarks that it was "improper" for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to be appointed to senior positions in the West Wing.

“He’s entitled to his opinion, but a lot of the work that the president’s had me doing over the last three years has actually been cleaning up the messes that Vice President Biden left behind,” Kushner said. “I think that President Trump’s entitled to pick his team and, you know, we’ve worked with him for a long time, and I think we’ve done a good job of trying to help him be successful.”

Kushner has been extremely busy putting together a peace plan for the Middle East. Fixing the foreign-policy mistakes of the Obama administration has kept him very busy as well.

“We inherited an ISIS caliphate, Iran was strong, Libya was a mess and a lot of our allies felt abandoned,” Kushner said. “We worked very hard over the last three years to try and rebuild the Middle East and to put it in a much more stable framing.”

Something a lot of people overlook is the criminal justice reform laws that President Trump has signed into law. About that Kushner said that President Trump “rolled back a lot of the very harsh laws that were created and partially written by Vice President Biden over 20 years ago, which put a lot of African Americans in prison and really destroyed a generation and did a lot of harm to our country.”

Jared Kushner is Tired of Cleaning up Joe Biden's Messes

The discussion also touched on how the Democrats have been trying desperately to impeach President Trump. Kushner said Trump's "record of accomplishments in unimpeachable."

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Though not much is heard from Kushner, he's very hard at work behind the scenes. Until now many people didn't realize how much of his job consisted of cleaning up Joe Biden's messes.

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