First daughter and adviser to the President Ivanka Trump ignored and swatted CNN’s Jim Acosta away while in Davos as he tried to ask her about impeachment.

Ivanka has traveled with President Trump to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and was there to promote the Pledge to America’s Workers and “wage growth and job creation in the United States.”

Ivanka had tweeted that she would be attending the event in Davos in hopes of gathering support for the White House’s “Pledge to America’s Workers.”

"Headed to Davos to call on the world’s largest employers to sign our #PledgetoAmericasWorkers and join us in unleashing the potential of our people and accelerating the historic wave of opportunity, wage growth and job creation in the United States,” her tweet read.

As Ivanka was coming down a stairway, the prick of CNN Jim Acosta came up to her trying to ask her about her father's impeachment trial. She completely blew him off and it was amazing. He had to feel about an inch tall after that encounter. Acosta's attempt to try and follow her made him look even more like a pathetic loser.

Take a look:

Jim Acosta tried to just play it off like she only declined to comment, but it's obvious that it was more than that. That was the royalty snub. Acosta is a piece of dirt and she wasn't even going to acknowledge his pathetic little existence.

Acosta also tweeted, "Much of the same from cabinet secretaries and other top WH aides at forum. Up until now they’ve been keeping clear of impeachment questions."

Donald Jr. took a shot at Acosta later tweeting, “Why should she give a comment to one of the most dishonest reporters in all of Washington???”

Ivanka handled that perfectly and it's not even as though she had to really do anything except ignore him. But it was great!

Photo Credit: @matthoyecnn/Twitter

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