Right now, even though things are not looking too good for reversed the results of the election that were declared by the mainstream media and the Democrats, President Trump still has the law and the United States Constitution on his side.

The Texas case may have been thrown out by the Supreme Court last week, but that wasn't what the Trump team was banking on.

If you remember, they actually didn't have anything to do with getting that lawsuit going. President Trump did express interest in joining the lawsuit after the fact, but the Trump legal team still have a case of their own and it is headed to the Supreme Court next.

Even still, we are learning more about how easy it was to manipulate and rig the election.

Retired Intel Operative Tony Shaffer said he is confident that President Trump will win the election. He said that you can easily prove that fraudulent ballots were cast and as long as they can identify them and single them out, then President Trump will win.

"When I started looking at ballots… I realized that everybody was speaking geek…It’s a real simple fact to prove that there was massive fraud in this election.

…We can take the physical ballot, the image scan of the ballot in the machine, the CVR file in the machine, and I can even take a shredded bag of ballots and do what we do. I want everybody to understand these physical ballots from the election, when they go into the machine, it basically makes a duplicate copy. That’s your property as an American citizen. We own it for 22 months after the election. And so when these courts started saying, well you can’t look at it, I realized it was all technical smoke and mirrors, to fool judges, to fool lawyers, to say oh we can’t really do it. So let me tell you how easy it is…"

What he goes on to explain is quite amazing. Listen through until about the 7-minute mark.


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Wanda Sykes: If You Voted for Trump, You Have a ‘Racist Bone’

Liberal actress Wanda Sykes declared that she is “praying” for Trump supporters because if someone voted to reelect President Donald Trump, then they have at least one “racist bone” in their body, even if they don’t realize it.

“Here’s the tweet. If you voted for Trump, there is a racist bone in your body,” Sykes wrote. “It might be in your pinky toe… but it’s there. Praying for you.”

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Rep. Ilhan Omar: Progressives Deserve Bigger Seat at Table with Biden’s Team

After the presidential election in November, Senator Bernie Sanders encouraged Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden not to forget about the progressives when he chose his potential White House administration.

Now, Rep. Ilhan Omar is declaring that the progressive movement does not have a big enough seat at the table with Biden’s team. She said during an interview with CNN on Sunday, “[T]his is, you know, what we have been saying and asking for. We worked diligently in trying to make sure that the people understood that it was important for us to get rid of Trump, but to have someone who was going to be partner with us in governing for progress in our country, and we continue to be hopeful in having that partnership as we have governed on behalf of our country.”

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Clinton Casts Vote for Biden, Then Calls to ‘Abolish Electoral College’

Sore loser Hillary Clinton called to “abolish the Electoral College” on Monday...but only after she casted her electoral vote for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

“I believe we should abolish the Electoral College and select our president by the winner of the popular vote, same as every other office. But while it still exists, I was proud to cast my vote in New York for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Clinton said.

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Karl Rove Slams Trump: ‘America Likes Comebacks, Not Sore Losers’

On this week’s airing of “Fox News Sunday,” Republican strategist Karl Rove slammed President Donald Trump, declaring that he should be aware that Americans don’t like “sore losers.”

We also don’t like cucks or sell-outs, Rove.... just saying.

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EXPLOSIVE! Dominion Voting Machines Carried ENORMOUS Error Rate...Two-Thirds of Votes Could Have Been Changed

On Monday morning an emergency hearing was held, and 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer decided to grant attorney Matthew DePerno permission to release the forensic examination results from the 16 Dominion voting machines from Antrim County.

This county has been at the core of the investigation into the election fraud since the very beginning. It may not be the place that has had the most votes compromised, but it has been a very important county nonetheless.

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HUGE! GOP Electors in Six States Cast Ballots for Trump!

The day has finally come and the electors from each state have gone to Washington, D.C. to cast their ballots on behalf of the citizens of their state for the offices of President and Vice President.

But there is something big going on.

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